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Farm to Food Bank

With support from the Lola Wright Foundation and private donors, TTK is standing up the “Farm to Food Bank” program in partnership with El Buen Samaritano (El Buen).

Description of Program:
TTK and El Buen will join efforts to leverage each other’s resources; by sharing land, a farm management position and infrastructure, we will build and sustain the “farm to foodbank” program. Through the expansion of cultivated land and the construction of a commercial kitchen, our partnership will yield enough fresh vegetables, salad greens and fruits to supplement the proteins and grains necessary to prepare meals for the hundreds of families served by El Buen’s food pantry every week.

Training and Cash Assistance:
“Several strands of research over the past twenty years have helped form a consensus among leading academics that cash income spent by parents can reduce disadvantages for children significantly.”

When trying to address people’s suffering through cash assistance programs, TTK abides by two principles: universality—a cash program for all children—and recipients decide how to use their cash.

Community Workers (CW) will have access to farm shifts once they complete the application and training process.

  • CW’s can work up to four hours a week and can earn a maximum of $60 a week in cash benefits.
  • Potential CW’s will have to meet certain criteria for eligibility: (1) must be a parent, guardian and/or caretaker, (2) must be at least seventeen years of age, and (3) must show proof of residence within Travis county.

With an asset-based approach, TTK operates from the notion that every adult has intrinsic value and experience, and our job as educators is to build on their funds of knowledge by concentrating on their strengths rather than their deficits. By building sustainable futures for adult learners, we are also building a sense of belonging for their family and putting power back into our communities.