Farm to Food Bank

TTK uses its land to support its surrounding community. By creating a shareable space, we hope to build a “third place” for community members who are seeking authentic connections through food, service, collaboration and values.

TTK’s Farm to Food Bank Program:
Food banks play a vital role in helping to feed vulnerable families, and TTK supplements these efforts by producing healthy, prepared family meals that can be heated, served and enjoyed.

We set out to grow ingredients that can be transformed into hearty soups, stews and gumbos that are paired with rice and other pantry items, packaged in reusable containers and disseminated to the community through food banks located within a half mile radius of TTK’s microfarm.

Each 32 oz container can feed at least two people and is full of nutrient dense veggies that were harvested at just the right time by TTK’s mother hen, Donna Longtain (aka: Mimi).

How It’s Funded:
TTK partners with local organizations, artisans, chefs, schools, food banks, businesses, musicians, etc., to curate events that generate revenue for the farm to food bank program. We also facilitate curbside family meal nights and pop-up supper clubs with the goal of using food to bring people together, build community and provide meals that are fresh, convenient, sustainable and absolutely delicious.

Every $12 spent buys two meals for the farm to food bank program.