Community Development

Asset-based Community Development (CD) focuses on a community’s ability to acquire and share knowledge that improves the overall health and well-being of its members. Effective CD practices acknowledge a local community’s history, community associations, communication practices, culture and context, and then build on those assets.

CD emphasizes the importance of developing a sense of community through the recognition of already embedded subsystems. Through collaborative practices, these subsystems gain the power they need to cooperate and solve problems in their own community via social capital building and consensus.

CD produces assets that improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents and these assets take five basic forms:

  1. physical capital (buildings, tools, etc.);
  2. intellectual and human capital (skills, knowledge and confidence);
  3. social capital (norms, shared understandings, trust and other factors that create belonging and productive relationships);
  4. financial capital (money, possessions, etc.); and
  5. political capital (the capacity to exert political influence).

TTK will share its physical asset, 1.5 acres, with its surrounding community by reinforcing existing linkages (intracommunity ties) and creating new linkages (extra-community networks) to help local citizenries take ownership over their economic futures.

We look forward to serving you!