TTK’s Value System:

  • Results – we believe people are intrinsically motivated and if given the right opportunity will create economic independence for themselves and their families.
  • Competence – we believe you become competent when you’re willing to fail forward and try again.
  • Agency – we believe if people are treated like adults, with dignity and respect, they will make responsible decisions.
  • Communication – we believe open communication fosters more accountability and individual growth.
  • Dedication – we believe hard work and dedication are required when you want to make changes in your life.
  • Passion for Service – we believe we must be passionate about serving each other.
  • Integrity – we believe the decision-making process begins with integrity and ends with a solution that is both human-centered and economically viable.
  • Sustainability – we believe in farming and cooking practices that promote the overall health of ecosystems and that we have a responsibility to put back in the soil what we take from it.
  • Minimalism – we believe a clear head starts with clean food.
  • Well-Being – we believe people’s welfare should always be considered before profits.